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Saturday and Sunday Class Rosters - Meet your classmates

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Session 1

Please download and review the class notes for session 1, the handouts on organ dissection and the handout on vital signs.  The password for the files was emailed to you. Best to read these files before attending class.  All files are posted below.  Remember we meet at the Edward Plainfield ER Conference Rooms at 127st, just west of route 59.

Session 2

In session 2 we will review Genetics, Cardiac Electrophysiology – The EKG,
Introduction to the Physical Exam, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Virology. Our class experience is reading an actual EKG. Our group experience will be
performing a physical exam. Each group will have the contents of a “Doctor’s Black Bag”
including a thermometer, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, otoscope, ophalthmosocpe,
reflex hammer, tuning fork, pen light and tongue depressor. You will be examining each other. 

For this session you need to read the “experience” handout for projects 1 through 7 and the class notes for session 2. 

Session 3

In session 3 we will review
Pathology & Virtual Autopsy, 
Clinical Pathological Correlations,
Clinical Rotations and USMLE.
then Anesthesiology followed by  
Injections, IV line placements, and
Intubation. Then we will review OB Gyne - see a NSVD and C-Section birth.

Session 4

We will review Psychiatry, Radiology and Surgery
Read the “experience” handout for projects 8, 14, 15 and 16 and the class notes for session 4.

We will learn how to suture a laceration, tie knots and repair our hearts from session 1.  You wil also have a chance to relook at 

Session 5

Our hands on projects are all on orthopedics.
1. Buddy tape fingers
2. Custom splint a finger
3. Custom posterior mold an elbow
4. Custom plaster cast a wrist
5. Custom plaster mold a foot slipper

Each group will decide who does which procedure, so everyone
has an opportunity. We will do these projects as a class.
If you have time, read experience 11 in the hand out and the class
notes for session 5 posted online.

If you choose to have your wrist casted you will need to stay
a little after class so I can remove the cast. You are welcomed
to keep it.

Session 6

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we can not  have an in person graduation.  Instead, I will email you  my  lecture: From High School to Med School and other related heathcare professions.

I will then arrange for a zoom meeting for you to view a video of your expereinces. I will then ask anyone with questons to email me your name and phone number and I will call each and everyone who has questions.

Congrats!  You DID IT!

Notes and Handouts for Download 

Session 1

Jan 11/12

Patient History
Vital Signs

Session 2

Jan 25/26

Human Genetics
(heart) physiology
The Physical Exam

Session 3

Feb 1/2

Clinical Correlations
Clinical Rotations:
Virtual Autopsy
IV line placements
OB Gyne

Session 4

Feb 8/9

Radiology and
Clinical Rotations
Surgical Repair
Laproscopic and  basic

Session 5

Feb 22/23

Surgical Speciality: Orthopedics
Casting, Taping, Splinting

Internal Medicine:
General Care
Cast Removal

Session 6 - Graduation

You did it!  It's now time to show your parents how much you have learned.   Dr. Rubin will now talk about how you go from high school to Med School or other health professional schools and right after, we will have a graduation ceremony.
Session 6 Notes Session 6 Powerpoint