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Mini Med School for
High School Students
Class of 2022

Notes from Dr Rubin to the Class of 2022

Please check this website weekly.

12/25/21   Due to the pandemic, we are offering a blended program this year. All lectures are recorded and will stream to your home computer.  You can make up your own schedule but I recommend that you view 1-2 hours in a given week. Each file for streaming is approximately 1 hour of viewing: the range is  55 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes.  I have written notes for each session.  Best to download the notes, read them and then a day or more later view the video.  View 1 part at a time and take a break.  So, on your first day, download the notes for SESSION 1  then stream the links for part 1 that were sent to you by email.   If you have questions or need help, email Dr Rubin at


I have emailed everyone today the links for the first 4 lectures which  is about 4 hours of material.  Remember, best to read the handouts in in the order of the sessions, then watch the lectures. I recommend 2 parts or 2 hours per week.  At this rate  you will cover the 6 sessions (~13 hours) in 6 weeks.  If you have questions or need help, email Dr Rubin at


Happy New Year!  I have emailed everyone today with the second 4 lectures. You now have 8 "parts"  to view. Each part is about 1 hour long.  Remember, I suggest viewing your handouts first then watching the lectures.  The handouts are divided into sessions and each session covers about 2 videos. 


Hope you are doing well. You likely just started back to school if not everyone is back by Monday.  That being said, I now have all 12 parts of my lecture series ready for your review.  I have sent out another email tonight with all 12 video links and 6 sessions handouts.  I will email you next weekend the dissections and physical examination handouts for you to read before our first hands on session the weekend of Feb 5th.


By now you are on your way and should have viewed at least 6 of the 12 parts.  You can break from the lectures and take a look at the class handouts for organ dissection and handouts for the class experiences.  First read the organ dissection handout, then read the physical exam components - experiences  1 through 8.  


By now you have viewed at least the first 6 parts of my lectures but most have viewed up to 10.  Either way you are fine for our next stage: in person hands on experiences. We meet the at Naperville Campus of Northern Illinois University  located at             1120 E. Diehl Rd., Naperville, IL 60563. IF you are in the AM session, arrive by 8:30 AM.  IF you are in the PM session, arrive by 1:30 PM.  AM session ends at 12:30 PM and PM ends at 5:30 PM.  Wear school attire. Bring a camera if you wish to take pictures for personal use, but we will post pictures on our facebook page for you.  Be sure to wear a mask and when arriving, drop off at the circular drive and we will screen each student for signs of COVID, then you check in and get a nametag and we will direct you to your room.  This is session 1 of 2. In this session, in room one, you dissect 4 sheep organs and we will also perform several virtual autopsies. In room 2, you will learn how to perform a physical exam and review several case presentations.  You have 110 minutes per room and we will provide a water bottle and energy bar snack.  No nuts or meat will be provided.  Be sure to read hte hand outs on organ dissection and the experience handout parts 1 through 7.  


We meet for session 2 this weekend.  An email was sent  to every student confirming your session.  We have an AM (8:30-12:30PM) and PM (1:30-5:30 PM) on both this coming Saturday and Sunday. Each session is the same.  Remember, we meet at the Naperville Campus of Northern Illinois University located at 1120 E. Diehl Road, Naperville IL 60563.   Have your parents drop you off at the circular drive.  If you have a problem finding us, call me and I will give you directions.  We meet again in 2 weeks for session 2.  Pictures from the program will be posted on my facebook page and my google drive for you to download.


We did it!  You have completed an overview of a training received at a typical medical school.  You should have received your certificate of completion at the second hands on session or via email.  If not, contact me.  You should have also completed viewing all  12 parts of my online lectures.  These files will be removed from streaming on March 16th.  I hope you had a great experience and learned a lot.  Email me with any questions or concerns.  If you want to continue, complete my volunteer form to continue on with MIni Med.

Please watch part 12 with your parents and email me any questions.

~ Dr Rubin

Notes and Handouts for Download 

Each handout is password protected.  The first email sent to you has the password.

Session 1

Patient History
Vital Signs

Session 2

Human Genetics
(heart) physiology
The Physical Exam

Session 3

Clinical Correlations
Clinical Rotations:
Virtual Autopsy
IV line placements
OB Gyne

Session 4

Radiology and
Clinical Rotations
Surgical Repair
Laproscopic and  basic

Session 5

Surgical Speciality: Orthopedics
Casting, Taping, Splinting

Internal Medicine:
General Care
Cast Removal

Session 6 - Graduation

You did it!  It's now time to show your parents how much you have learned.   Dr. Rubin will now talk about how you go from high school to Med School or other health professional schools. 
Session 6 Notes Session 6 Powerpoint