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Mini Medical School for  High School Students

This program is 20 hours long and divided into six sessions on Sunday afternoons. The first 5 sessions at the Edward -Plainfield Emergency Room, Plainfield, IL and the last session is held at the Edward Hospital Education Center in Naperville IL. Students are provided a review of the basic and clinical medical sciences. Students receive a series of lectures followed by several hands on projects with a specific set of medical skills that correlate with the information learned at that session.  Students are provided a series of handout for their reference and study.  At the last session, parents are invited to see their students in action, performing the procedures they learned during the program and hearing a review of the medical school admissions process.  The program concludes with a graduation ceremony including the presentation of certificates. The program is not appropriate for high school freshmen or students interested in the allied health fields, like pharmacy.  There is no fee to apply.  The class is best suited for high school juniors, seniors and advanced sophomores. There is no minimum GPA requirement. High school freshman are not considered for the program.  Acceptance into the program is competitive and depends on an evaluation of your application and a personal interview, just like a real medical school. The application contains an essay, teacher recommendation, a review of the  student’s science and math classes and the student’s overall GPA.  After completed applications are reviewed, we select students for a formal interview on a rolling basis.  A check for our program fee made payable to Dr. Rubin’s Mini Medical School is collected from all students at the time of interview. If a student is not accepted, the check is destroyed. All students who apply will receive an emailed response by the first week of December.  Students who do not send in a complete application will not be considered for the program.  It is the student’s responsibly to ensure we receive a complete application.

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