Mini Medical School for  Pre-Medicine College Students

This program provides an overview of Medical School for college level students. The program is 2 hours long and tailored to the students need.  Students download a series of handouts a couple of weeks before the program and are prepared for a fast paced lecture series with an emphasis on clinical aspects of medicine.  This is followed by a series of hands on experiences. Then, at the end of the program, the students are provided with a brief review of the medical school admissions process and a question and answer period.

We do not charge a program fee to the students for this class.  However, on order to properly run this program we ask that students get the approval of a permed advisor at your school and if possible, any travel expenses incurred from Naperville IL - for example the cost of gas and tolls.

The college students must arrange for space and refreshments.  Dr. Rubin will provide everything else.   

Interested pre-med societies should contact Dr. Rubin at      
to arrange to have a program at your college or university.
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