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Class of 2019

Session 1

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This virtual blackboard is designed to provide information for students enrolled in our winter Mini Medical School for High School Students program.  

Session 1: We meet for the first time this weekend: Saturday Class Jan 12 at 2:30 PM and Sunday Class Jan 13 at 1:30 PM.  For this session, read the “Experience” handout for station 1 - vital signs, review the handout for  Eye, Brain, Heart and Kidney Dissections” and lastly download and review the notes for Session 1 ( links are at the bottom of this page).  The password for these handouts was emailed to you.  Remember to dress in casual school attire.  You will get a program T-shirt to wear throughout the program.  We will provide drinks and snacks that are free of nuts and meat.  Make sure your parents remember to pick you up from the Cancer Center circular drive at 5 PM.   

~ Dr. Rubin

Session 2: We meet again Saturday 1/26 at 2:30 PM and Sunday 1/27 at 1:30 .  Arrival for session 1 went perfectly. Please plan on arriving at the same time, same place. Remember that your ride should pick you up at the Cancer Center circular drive. In session 2 we will review Genetics, Cardiac Electrophysiology – The EKG, Introduction to the Physical Exam, Pharmacology,  Microbiology, and Virology.  Our class experience is reading an actual EKG. Our group experience will be performing a physical exam.  Each group will have the contents of a “Doctor’s Black Bag”  including a thermometer, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, otoscope, ophalthmosocpe,  reflex hammer, tuning fork, pen light and tongue depressor.  You will be examining each other.  Although there are no official tests, I will quiz the class each week on the handouts assigned for each session prior to the start of each session.  For this session you need to read the  “experience” handout for projects 1 through 7.  If you have time, also read the class notes for session 2. - Same password. Mini Medical School is a very fast paced program.  No one can afford to miss a session; however, if any unforeseen circumstance were to occur, you must contact me by phone at 630-865-5075 or at 630-865-5076 to alert me. Pictures from each session will be posted on our facebook page.  This allows you show your relatives what you are learning and doing. Session 1 pictures are already posted.  You may want to follow the page or like it to get a facebook alert when I post messages and pictures. To see each sessions pictures, go to    ~ Dr. Rubin
Session 3: We meet again on Saturday 2/9 and Sunday 2/10.  We will start off with a short review of pathology and do a virtual autopsy and then talk about the USMLE and then start our clinical rotations starting with, anesthesia, then ob gyne and conclude with psychiatry.
Our class “experience” will be to simulate the labor and delivery of a newborn using a manikin called Noel. I have reserved 80 minutes for doing the hands on projects.  The class will be divided into 8 groups – each containing 2 groups so groups 1+2, then 3+4, 5+6 and so on up to 15+16 so we will end up with 8 groups of 8. I will give 10 minutes for each activity and then you rotate to the next table (station).  The stations are as follows:

Station 1: Deliver a baby – 2 manikins
Station 2: Intubation - 2 adult heads and 2 baby heads
Station 3: Laparoscopy Basics: learn to move the bead and band.
Station 4: Needles – IM and SQ injections bags
Station 5: IV insertions – 4 setups of IV PE
Station 6: practice – 2 eye, 2 ears exam simulations
Station 7: PE practice – abdomen to examine and breast/ testicular exam
Station 8: PE practice – heart and lung sounds – using a sound generator and baby simulation * I will likely set this group up in the lobby by the elevators so that the noise level is less and you can hear the sounds better.

Your homework for this session:  Review the “experiences” handout for intubation, injections , IV lines, baby delivery and laparoscopy. Then read the class notes for session 3.
Also, pictures from the last 2 sessions are posted on our facebook page at :

We had a great time last Sunday; however, the fun is just beginning. ~ Dr Rubin
Session 4:  Just to be clear, we don’t meet this weekend due to the fact that Monday is Presidents Day and you have a 3 day weekend.  We do meet the following weekend – same time same place. In this session we will learn about Radiology, Surgery and Pediatrics.  

Our class experience is to review several clinical case histories, order the appropriate tests
and then interpret the results.  Our group hands on experiences will be to learn how to make
a the square knot and the surgical knot both by hand and by instrument.  We will then learn
how to repair a laceration and if you have time, you can practice this skill set on the heart
used in session 1 dissection or have a second chance to explore the laparoscopic trainers we used last week.

For this session you need to read the “experience” handout for projects 8, 14, 15 and 16.
and the class notes for session 4.  The “experience” handout has been updated today, so if you have downloaded it in the past, you will need to download it again to get station 16.

Pictures from session 3 are posted on our facebook page.  This allows you show your
relatives what you are leaning and doing.
Go to:

If for any reason you are unable to attend you must contact me by email. ~ Dr. Rubin
Session 5  Please note that we meet next weekend.  This is the only time that we meet 2 weekends in a row.  Same time, same place.  I will talk for one hour on Orthopedics, we will then do our hands on projects for approximately an hour and then I will conclude with my talk on the field of Internal medicine.  

Our hands on projects are all on orthopedics.
1. Buddy tape fingers   2. Custom splint a finger  3. Custom posterior mold an elbow  4. Custom plaster cast a wrist  5. Custom plaster mold a foot slipper

Each group will decide who does which procedure, so everyone has an opportunity. We will do these projects as a class.  If you have time, read experience 11 in the hand out and the class  notes for session 5 posted online.

If you choose to have your wrist casted you will need to stay  a little after class so I can remove the cast.  You are welcomed  to keep it.  Please note that our last session (graduation) is 2 weeks later at
Edward Hospital Education Center located at 801 S. Washington Street, Naperville IL 60540.
Park at the south parking garage.  We meet at the 3rd floor of the Education Building.  

Please note that the building entrance is under construction, so allow an extra 10-15 minutes.   Please remind your parents that they are welcomed to attend that session and see you get your certificate.  ~ Dr.Rubin
Session 6:  This is a friendly reminder that we do not meet this weekend  but we do meet the following Sunday March 1th for session 6 and graduation.  Please note we do not meet in Plainfield.  Rather we will be meeting at the Edward Hospital Education Center which is  located at 801 S Washington St, Naperville IL 60540.   Free parking is available at the North Parking Garage. Simply park there enter the main entrance, follow the outside corridor to the Education Center  “A” elevators. Take elevators “A” to the 3rd floor and once out of the elevator turn right.  The seminar rooms and the auditorium are clearly labeled.  Students and parent or parents are welcomed to this session.  Our approximate schedule is as follows:
              12: 45 to 1 PM - Students and parents arrive.
              1 PM to 1:45 PM - Students review 16 stations with parents
              1:45 PM to 2 PM – Parents and students move to auditorium
              2 PM to 2:30 PM – Final Lecture:  From High School to Med School
                              Dr Rubin explains the career path and alternatives
2:30 PM to 3 PM – Class memories and graduation ceremony
               3  PM to 3: 30 PM  – questions will be taken by Dr Rubin  

              3: 45 to 4 PM - Students and parents arrive.
              4 PM to 4:45 PM - Students review 16 stations with parents
              4:45 PM to 5 PM – Parents and students move to auditorium
              5  PM to 5:30 PM – Final Lecture:  From High School to Med School
                              Dr Rubin explains the career path and alternatives
5:30 PM to 6 PM – Class memories and graduation ceremony
               36 PM to 6: 30 PM  – questions will be taken by Dr Rubin  

These notes will be updated on March 15, so please download your copy on the 16th or later.
The file has the usual password.