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Class of 2018

Dec 21, 2017

Welcome to Dr Rubin’s Mini Medical School!

I  will be sending you many emails during the program.  In the event you do not get a message, I will post all communications here.  In addition, I have prepared class notes for all sessions and have posted the notes at the bottom of this page.  Since I update these notes yearly, I would suggest you download each session a week prior to each session.  In addition, please go on to our facebook page and “like” the page. We will be posting pictures of each session on facebook for you to download and share with relatives.  I have posted members of the Sunday and Saturday classes to help you connect to friends and possibly car pool with other students from your school.

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Dr Rubin

Class Notes

FINAL Notes Experiences Dissections Session 6 Session 5 Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4


Hi Mini Med School Students!

We had a blast last weekend.  I was impressed at how well everyone did.  Session 2 is this coming weekend - Jan 27/28. Please remember that on Saturday arrive at 2:30 PM, on Sunday arrive at 1:30 PM.   If possible, download and read session 2 notes and the Experiences handout before coming to class,  Read the 1 through 7 experiences which cover how to do a physical exam starting with measuring vital signs through the nervous system exam.  We will learn how to run an EGG and how to read it as a class project and then in our small groups, you will do a physical exam on each other using all the tools in a the classic medical black bag.  We have a lot of material to cover  and I am sure you will be up for the challenge.  So like last week, please arrive on time.

See you soon,

Dr Rubin


Hi Mini Medical School Students!

Everyone did a great job last weekend learning how to do a physical exam that we  lost track of time and did not go over  Microbiology, so next weekend when we meet, that will be the first thing we do.  From there we will review the topics of primary care, pathology, anesthesia, ob gyne and psychiatry.

Our class “experience” will be to simulate the labor and delivery of a newborn.  

Our group “experiences” are injections, intravenous line insertion (not in the handout), intubation and delivery a baby.

Your homework for this session is to review the “experiences” handout for intubation, injections and baby delivery.

Then read the class notes for session 3.

Remember, we do not meet this weekend, but next weekend so you can enjoy the superbowl.

See you soon,

Dr Rubin


Hi Mini Med Students!

We meet again for our 5th session at the Plainfield location, usual time and days.

I will  lecture on orthopedics, we then then break for our hands on experience and then I will continue to lecture on the field of Internal Medicine.  

I will lead our hands on experience by demonstrating the procedure and then your group will repeat the procedure.  Here is what we will do:

1. Buddy Tape 2 fingers

2. Custom splint a finger

3. Make a custom plaster posterior mold of an elbow

4. Make a custom plaster short arm cast

5. Make a custom plaster slipper for foot molding.

Make sure you wear old clothes as we will get dirty.

See you soon,

Dr Rubin