Mini Podiatric Medical School

Introducing Podiatry to any student in high school or college

The field of Podiatry is not well known among pre-health professional students. 

To raise  awareness of the field and to encourage students to consider a career in podiatry, Dr. Rubin began offering a Mini Podiatric Medical School at Barry University’s School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery where his older son Jason attended school.   Jason has returned to Naperville and is offering this program along with his dad. 

This is a 4 hour program consisting of 1¼ hours of lecture followed by a 15 minute break with snacks, then 2 hours of hands on experience consisting of ten stations that the students spend 10 minutes per station. Each station is taught by TA’s trained by Dr. Rubin.

The program then concludes with a 30 minute talk on Podiatric Medical School admissions.

Anyone interested in healthcare will benefit from attending a Mini Podiatric Medical School Program.  This program is designed for high school and college students interested in a career in healthcare.  

The fee for this program is $25 to cover the cost of materials and supplies.  The last Mini Podiatric Med School was held at AMITA Bolingbrook Hospital on 11/12/17.  The cost of that program was underwritten by AMITA Bolingbrook Hospital and students attended  free of charge.  We thank Bolingbrook Hospital for providing the space, supplies and refreshments for the program.