Mini Medical School Experience

Mini Medical School Summer Experience

for any student in high school and college 

The Mini Medical School Summer Experience program is an 8 hour program that provides an overview of medical school with an emphasis on clinical information. The program is typically scheduled the last weekend of June depending on scheduling issues.  The program provides 1/3 the information of our full winter program with 90 percent exposure to  our hands on experiences. The students hear lectures for 2 hours, are then provided 1/2 hour light lunch, and then return for another hour of lecture.  They are then broken up into small groups of 4/5 students who will rotate through 17 experiences or stations. Every 10 minutes they rotate to the next experience.  Each station, or “experience,” is staffed with one to three trained Mini Medical School Teaching Assistants who completed  the full winter program, was trained by Dr Rubin and was found to be an outstanding student.  The program then ends with a 1/2 hour lecture on school admissions.

Enrollment into this program is on a first come first served basis. The application is informational only, no essay, no teacher recommendation, and no interview.  Applications are accepted as long as there is space in the class. The program is appropriate for any student interested in learning about medical school and the medical profession. The program fee for this class is $300 and includes all expenses (class t-shirt, lunch and snacks, all medical supplies).  

When attending the program, please drop off and pick up your student at the Cancer Center entrance just to the left of the ER entrance.

Our next Mini Medical School Experience program will be run at the Edward Hospital, Naperville, IL 60540 on July 8th and again July 9, 2023. This summer we are providing both in person and online lectures.  All expereinces have returned to our old in person format, were we will rotate 18 times through our experiences.

Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis.  Use the Icons below to apply and complete a parent consent.





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